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A onetime service is also provided by the company. Our technicians will execute complete spraying for the entire premises and a natural gel will be applied where spraying is not possible, such as in the kitchen appliances, electrical switchboards, cupboards etc. These natural repellents kill the eggs and the adult cockroaches, not leaving behind any stains. Its non-toxic water-based formula is safe for children, the elderly and domestic pets.

    Do’s :
  • Take care of your trash – Cockroach is associated with garbage disposal. Make sure you clear your trash regularly to avoid providing a food fest for roaches.
  • DO rotate your product baits, liquids and insect growth regulators (IGRs) for all cockroach treatments.

    Don’ts :
  • Leave any dirty dishes overnight – Any leftovers food on your kitchen sink or kitchen counter will develop a stench, which may be a magnet to draw cockroach attention to crawling around the sink.
  • Habit in pilling and stack card boxes and old newspaper in one corner of your house – This unclean habit can unknowingly make a great hiding places for cockroach.

    Treatment :
  • Sprays, Herbal Gel and smokers.