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Bed bugs are the most difficult to eradicate. Practising hygiene, deep cleaning and the use of amateur insecticides will help to keep bed bug numbers under control. Certainly, professional treatment will be required to eradicate such infestation.

    Do’s :
  • Wash all clothing and place in sealed garbage bags.
  • Cover your mattress, box spring and pillow(s) with Bed Bug Certified Covers.
  • Get educated with The Bed Bug Survival Guide.

    Don’ts :
  • Do not use foggers, they are not recommended for a bed bug infestation. Foggers can actually make the infestation worse by spreading them.
  • Do not take things out of an infested room and move them to another room. Moving items from one room to another will spread the bed bugs.

    Treatment :
  • SPRAYING, Herbal gel, fumigation.